Administration, Accounting & Tax Services

Total Hedge Fund Solutions, LLC provides a full range of back office administration, accounting and tax services. In addition, we also help you manage your compliance requirements, assist with the year end audit, and provide highly skilled resources for consultation. We employ a powerful array of technological solutions and select software based on the best option for meeting the needs of your operating fund.

Our services include:

  • Fund and Partnership Accounting Services
  • Accruals and fee calculations
  • Fund and Investor Tax Reporting
  • Financial Statement Prep (GAAP/IFRS)
  • Management & Investor Statements
  • Onshore and Offshore Shareholder
  • Subscription and Redemption Processing
  • Audit Support
  • Patriot Act, KYC and AML Compliance
  • Comprehensive Performance Calculations

Admin Services

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Fund Formation
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Administration, Account & Tax
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Sample Institutional Reports

Tools for Capital Raising
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Accounting for Alternative Investments

Our value added services consist of many different pieces. As the hedge fund manager you need to focus your attention on managing the portfolio. Why are hedge fund managers outsourcing their back office operations? Simple, focusing on an in house back office diverts their attention from their core responsibilities, namely asset accumulation and building your franchise. Most investors require independent third party verification Fund results. We individualize our services to meet the needs of each of our client’s unique needs. We greatly reduce expenses and overhead for your fund by eliminating the need for a large administrative and operational staff.