Tools for Capital Raising

We offer an integrated program to assist in the vital function of raising capital for your fund.

Our approach consists of combining the essential elements of a successful capital raising campaign into an efficient economical solution. For less than the cost of a hired marketing professional you can leverage our capital raising methods and expertise. Our comprehensive program focuses on:

1) Placing you in communication with as many qualified potential investors as possible.

2) Providing you with the tools necessary to both properly convey your message and develop and maintain ongoing avenues of communication with existing and potential investors.

3) Developing methods to facilitate the building the all important element of trust between you and your potential investors.

The result is a comprehensive program that maximizes the return of your expenditure in terms of cost and time. If you have taken your Fund this far, this is the next logical step.

About Our Packages*

Our programs are modified for application to either Rule 506(b) or 506(c) Funds.

  • We employ methods to continue communication with potential investors beyond initial contact. Very few investors will learn of your Fund and immediately make an investment. Follow up is critical and we facilitate this through the development and distribution of newsletters, alerts, sponsor webinars and employ other methods so that ongoing communication is automatic. We believe more investor opportunities are lost due to insufficient follow up than any other reason.
  • One of the most effective methods to address the critical need to build credibility is through personal branding. Usually it is the portfolio manager that becomes the spokesperson for the Fund and our approach is to make this person a “known entity” within their specialty. We do this through strategically timed press releases, blog posts, social networking and integrated media distribution.
  • We provide investor, family office and institutional conference notification and access to our proprietary contact lists of investors, family offices and institutions (as applies to your Fund) to enable you to identify and reach your qualified investor audience.
  • We put you in contact with or network of third party providers who have years of experience raising capital for Funds. These include select Prime Brokers, Seeders, and Third Party Marketers. These are firms that have proven to us they have the ability to raise capital and do so without upfront charges.
  • We post your performance of the top hedge fund databases for maximum exposure to potential investors looking for your type of Fund as a potential for investment.
  • We manage and run your mail, email and other direct contact campaigns.
  • We design dynamic professional presentation materials, including comprehensive pitch books, tear sheets, and single page performance sheets. When you need to present to an audience we are available to assist in the development of appropriate power point presentations.
  • We manage your database of prospective investors and handle investor inquiries, adding independence and credibility to your information.
  • Often overlooked in its importance, we work with you to create a written marketing plan.
  • As an option, we can build new or manage your existing website, turning it into an information portal and distribution center for your Fund by leveraging technological solutions and integrating links for ongoing communication. All websites are designed to be SEC compliant.

* Services depend upon the package selected. Funds must qualify.