Fund Formation Services

Total Hedge Fund Solutions, LLC offers four unique packages for emerging managers to launch a fund. Our onshore packages are designed to provide efficient, cost effective and comprehensive solutions to address diverse needs and budgets.

ECONOMY PACKAGE * – The Economy do-it- yourself package includes everything you need to create and register a Fund. We form the entities, obtain tax ID numbers, create the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Limited Partnership Agreement, Subscription Agreement and draft all relevant
filings (i.e. EDGAR number, Form D, U-2 filings etc.)

ECONOMY PLUS PACKAGE* – The Economy Plus package includes everything in the Economy Package in addition to document review from an attorney and up to 3 hours legal consultation.

STANDARD PACKAGE – The Standard Package includes everything in the Economy Plus Package and, through our Partnering arrangement, an experienced securities attorney will review, sign off on the documents and complete and submit all necessary filings and registrations.

PREMIUM PACKAGE – This comprehensive package includes everything from the Standard Package with the addition of professionally created marketing collateral, corporate logo, marketing assistance, website, and legal consultation throughout the process.

OFFSHORE HEDGE FUND FORMATION – Our offshore hedge fund formation services provide our clients with a complete solution to start a hedge fund domiciled in any preferred offshore jurisdiction and devise a plan to maximize the available tax benefits. Please contact us for further details.

* We strongly recommend with the economy and economy plus packages the retention of an attorney to provide review of the final draft prior to submission. See our terms of service page for important terms and conditions concerning all of our services.

Plus filing and registration fees. Prices may vary depending on structure.